Understanding Email Engagement Analytics

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Opensense Engagement is the only email signature marketing platform that captures what happens after you hit send. 

Using Engagement Tier

  • Using Engagement tier requires no change in behavior when sending emails.
  • End users can compose emails just like normal and include attachments and YouTube video links directly in the body of the email.
  • Emails can be sent from any client or device with an Opensense signature and tracking will work.

Understanding Analytics

In addition to notifications, users on the Engagement Tier with tracking enabled can access a Smart Activity feed which includes tracking details of sent emails.

To access the feed:

  1. Login to Opensense
  2. Navigate over to the My Opensense drop down menu
  3. Click on Smart Activity

Smart Activity

  1. The Smart Activity feed will track the following data:
  • Video replay of recipient interactions with email and attachments.
  • Attachment interaction analytics - even down to time spent on specific slides or pages.
  • YouTube and Vimeo video interaction analytics including views, time spent, and "most watched" sections of the videos.
  • Individual recipient analytics for multi-recipient emails.
  • Website activity after clicks in emails.
  1. Data is collected on the recipient level so you can track individual engagement even with multiple recipients on the same email.
  2. Geographic location of a specific interaction, as well as what device and operating system were used, are visible in the feed.

Icon Legend

Use the following icon legend to differentiate between different types of activity.

Attachment/Video Analytics

  1. Advanced view data is available for attachments and videos.
  2. The amount of time spent on each slide by a specific recipient is viewable.
  3. Amount of time a video is watched is viewable.
  4. Even video replays of the engagement with the attachment or video can be accessed.

Website Tracking

  1. When the company website is visited, see details on which pages were visited, when, and by whom.
  2. Video replays of engagement with the website can also be accessed in the “Site Fusion Tracking” section.

Enabling Email Engagement Tracking and Notifications

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