Getting Started with Your Email signature Marketing Strategy

Updated 1 year ago by Tori Scharadin

This article can help you and your team get started with email signature marketing. If you already have an idea of how to start using this new channel, skip ahead to step 3!

  1. Take a look at the attached Banner best practices deck for inspiration and standard practice
  • Are there any already-approved marketing campaigns that can easily be extended to your email signature marketing channel? If so, then just make sure they are sized for your signature. We recommend sizing the banner width to match the width of your email signature.
  1. Think about segmentation
  • If / how you want to split up your business units internally to send out specific banners promoting content on their emails (which one should you start with?)
  • If / how you want to split up your recipients to receive specific banners promoting content to them
  1. Create one or two banners (and corresponding click-through URLs) to start collecting data on!
  2. Finally, when 1-3 are done, you are ready to activate your campaigns in Opensense!

Additional Resources

Marketing Integrations

If you would prefer your first email signature campaign leverages existing data in your marketing tools like Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua, check out our Getting Started with your Email Signature Marketing Strategy - ABM Edition

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