External and Internal Wraps (Pre-2022 Legacy)

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

Pre-2022 templates were built using our legacy HTML syntax. This article is for you if your tags are in $tag; format.

Some customers want a shortened signature to show internally and a longer signature to show externally. This is possible with Opensense!

{if_sgexternal} {/if_sgexternal}: within this wrap is delivered to recipients outside of your domain. {if_sginternal} {/if_sginternal}: within this wrap is delivered to recipients sharing your domain.

Different Signature Internally and Externally

  1. Wrap the entire <table> with {if_sgexternal} {/if_sgexternal} or {if_sginternal} {/if_sginternal}

Example of a long formal signature externally and a shortened signature internally. Also notice in the reply, they have no reply signature set for internal replies.

External Banners

  1. Wrap only the object with {if_sgexternal} {/if_sgexternal} or {if_sginternal} {/if_sginternal}

Conditional Fields

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