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This is our current template syntax as of 2022. If you are not used to this format, please check out our legacy template article Designer Studio (Legacy).

Designer Studio houses your signature templates. The signature templates are designed in HTML. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with HTML, we provide your initial signature templates during onboarding.

Check in Signature Assignments (Signature drop down > Signature Assignments) to see which signatures are LIVE. Use caution when editing a live signature. We recommend Cloning before editing and using the Preview button before pressing Save.
Changing an image or link on your signature template? Learn more...

How to access the Designer Studio

  1. Click on the Signatures dropdown menu and choose Designer Studio
Creating and editing a signature template
  1. Click on the green +Add New Template button to create a new signature template
  2. Name your template (refer to Opensense Naming Convention) and click Save
  3. To edit your signature template, click Edit
  1. Add/edit your HTML text to the HTML Template box
Adding Fields

Add fields by clicking on the + Add Field button and type out your field names (you can hide these fields in your plain text signature block by ✓ the hide box). When completed, hit Save.

Refer to Opensense Naming Convention when naming your fields (lowercase, numbers, and underscores only). You will also have to add these new fields as code in the HTML template {{fieldname}} (i.e: {{email}}). If it is an optional field, you should add conditional logic into the HTML code

To preview any edits before saving, click on the purple Preview button

Cloning a signature template
  1. Click on the Clone button
  1. Name it (refer to the Opensense naming convention document) and click Save
Creating/editing a reply template
  1. Click the Edit button on the signature that you would like to add a reply template to
  1. Turn on the Reply Template button
  1. Scroll down to the Reply HTML Template box and add your HTML text to create your reply template. Click the purple Preview button to preview
  1. When completed, hit Save
How to add a Plain Text Signature

In addition to your traditional HTML signature template, you may also add a Plain Text Signature template to your existing signature

  1. In the Designer Studio go to your signature template and click on the blue Edit button
  2. In the Text Template and Reply Text Template boxes, type in the fields that you would like to be present in your plain text signature template (refer to Opensense Naming Convention)
  1. When completed, click Save

Useful functions in Designer Studio:

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