Banner Folders

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Banner folders are an optional organizational tool. Customers with many banners may utilize these folders to keep their banners organized.

Folder Setup

  1. Only an Opensense employee can set up Banner Folders. Please send a list of folders to and we will add them to your account

  1. After the banner folders have been created, they can be viewed on the “Banners” page (Marketing drop down > Banners)

Placing Banners into Folders

  1. Log onto the Opensense Portal and click on “Banners” under the “Marketing” drop down
  2. Identify the existing banner you wish to add to a folder. Click Edit on the individual banner
  3. Locate the Folder section. Select the folder of your choice. Click Save
  1. In order to create and add a new banner to a specific folder, click:

Please reference the Introduction to Opensense Banners document for additional information on how to create banners 

View Folder Contents

  1. Log onto the Opensense Portal and click on Banners under the Marketing drop down
  2. Under “Folders”, click the arrow to expand the folders.

  1. Select a folder, or select “Not in selected folders” to view or filter banners

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