Locking & Unlocking Compliance Fields

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Lock signature fields to keep centralized control of the content. Keep fields unlocked to give the control to the user. By default Opensense fields are unlocked. We offer three options for locking fields: locking per individual user, locking with a csv upload, or locking fields during a directory sync.

Priority Levels for Signature Fields

When an email is sent, Opensense will populate the signature fields in this priority:

  1. Locked fields in Compliance
  2. Data from the user's signature block
  3. Unlocked fields in Compliance

Locked/Unlocked For an Individual User

  1. Login to the Opensense platform. 
  2. Click on the Signature drop down and choose the Compliance tab.

  1. Find the user by searching for their email in the search bar on the left.
  2. On the user’s Compliance profile, click Edit Profile Fields

  1. Click the +Field button

  1. Click on the locked/unlocked blue icons to lock/unlock your designated fields. Click the green Save button to save all changes

Locked/Unlocked When Using CSV to Upload Users

  1. Open the CSV file that you are using for the Opensense platform

  1. Type “-locked” next to the field name to lock it or “-unlocked” to unlock it (example: name-locked).
Note: Fields are unlocked by default. If you upload a csv with no field locking specification (phone, mobile), these will upload as unlocked.

  1. Save the file as a .csv and use it as your new CSV when syncing the Opensense signature.

Locked/Unlocked Directory Fields

  1. To lock fields that are being mapped in from your directory, contact help@opensense.com and instruct on which fields should be locked, unlocked.

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