Getting Started with your Email Signature Marketing Strategy - ABM Edition

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Opensense can query your existing contact records to target recipients with personalized campaigns. This short article is a great way to get started with your email signature marketing gameplan. You may find the directions here to be very similar if not identical to how you are using other ABM channels!

  1. Take a look at the attached Banner best practices deck for inspiration and standard practice
  • Do you have an Inbound or Outbound campaign that's already approved? Can it easily be extended to your email signature marketing channel? If so, then just make sure they are sized for your signature. We recommend sizing the banner width to match the width of your email signature.
  1. Think about segmentation
  • By persona (For example Job title, Region)
  • By lifecycle stage
  • Exclusive, List-Based Event marketing
  1. Then, create one or two banners (with click-through links) to start collecting data on!
  2. Finally, when 1-3 are done, you are ready to set up your Marketing Integration! See our Integrations Page for set-up instructions. You will also need to contact your Opensense rep for training. If you're not sure who that is, email

Additional resources:

Hubspot Targeting Playbook: Opensense + HubSpot Marketing Automation Playbook

Marketo Targeting Playbook: Opensense + Marketo Marketing Automation Playbook

Pardot and Eloqua Targeting Playbooks are coming soon! If you are familiar with Hubspot or Marketo, you will find the capabilities in Pardot are identical to those found in the two playbooks linked above.

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