Signature Appears Distorted in a Reply Thread

Updated 1 year ago by Laura Goepel

Are you viewing the signature in a reply thread?

If you are viewing the signature in a reply thread, what you are seeing is typical email client behavior and not related to Opensense.

Opensense only processes the latest email you send. We have no control over how email clients process the email when it's replied back. When you email someone, we can only ensure that the last email sent will appear correctly to your recipient. When they forward your email / reply to you, your email is then processed by their email client, and is not coming through Opensense - and all email clients have their own settings of how they process emails. They can often remove images / distort them. This is something that happens to your emails whether you use Opensense or not. It is typical email client behavior with image processing. 

However, rest assured that when you send that email the first time, the signature appeared as intended.

Are you viewing the signature in a direct email?

If you are seeing broken images in a direct email, send an email to A likely cause is that the CNAME entry has been deleted domain-side. We will check on the account!

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