How do I debug a signature placement error as a stamping customer?

Updated 8 months ago by Royna SunderRajan

This is ONLY for stamping customers! Please check with your CSM or email to confirm if you are a stamping customer before sending in a #debug email.

Scenario: Max is having the issue, and Ashley is helping him.

To properly replicate a signature placement error for stamping customers in a reply thread, follow these steps:

  1. Ashley should send an email to Max with the subject line "#debug 12345" (replace "12345" with a unique number to help engineers locate the message).
  2. Max should respond to Ashley's email to replicate the issue.
  3. If the issue is successfully replicated, Ashley should click "reply" and send the email to for further assistance.
Make sure to click reply and not forward when sending it to!

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