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Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

Broken image links in Images or Designer Studio mean that the CNAME is not in place. Opensense requires two DNS entries to be added to your domain. Please ask your IT department to check that the DNS entries are in place and, if they are missing, please add them.
Please email to troubleshoot. This could be a reply thread issue, but we want to rule out other possibilities.
Q: In Outlook, our images don't display until we Click to Download Images. How can we make images automatically display in Outlook?
We recommend that Outlook customers use in-line images. Please follow the steps in this article to switch to in-line images.

Please check your Gmail settings. Make sure that Images is set to "Always display external images". If this is not the cause, please email to troubleshoot more!
Q: Woah, our images blew up to be HUGE in the history of this reply thread! What is going on?
Please check the size of your uploaded images in Images (Marketing drop down > Images). Images should be uploaded at 2x the width in the HTML. Occasionally images will enlarge on reply threads if the HTML is stripped out by a recipient's email host, but by uploading the images at 2x the width in the HTML, it shouldn't be shocking when this occurs. To learn more about this typical email behavior, click here.

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