Add Comments into Design Templates (Liquid Templates Only)

Updated 1 year ago by Tori Scharadin

This is our current template syntax as of 2022. If you are not used to this format, please check out our legacy templating articles

Apply around unfinished code, or an explanation on how a certain signature operator works so that it can be easily found but will not display when emails are sent


{% comment %} 

The operator below lets you display the address that matches a sender’s location. You can easily add new locations what displays simply by creating a new {% when "" %} statement and adding what should show, and then saving the signature template.

{% endcomment %}

{% case location %}

{% when “New Jersey” %}

555 Highpoint Lane 

Englewood, NJ 07631 

{% when "Atlanta" %}

1234 Pleasant Street

Atlanta, GA 30301

{% else %} 

1234 HQ Lane

Louisville, KY 40210 

{% endcase %} 



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