Condensing Many Signatures into One (NEW! Liquid Templates)

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This is our current template syntax as of 2022. If you are not used to this format, please check out our legacy template article Condensing Many Signatures into One

Does your Signature Assignments page have 5, 10 or 20 assignments? Condense them into one or two templates with these tips!

What is different about each template?

With the exception of formatting; fields, text, images and banners can be customized through one signature template.

Use conditional fieldsdepartment fields and ABM banner setups to combine many signatures into one!

Conditional Fields (customize on the individual user level)

  • Mobile numbers for some users
  • Calendar links for some users
  • More...

Department Fields (customize on the department level)

  • Sub-brand logos
  • Sub-brand social media icon links
  • Department wide phone numbers
  • Link to webinars specific to a department
  • More...

ABM Banner Setups (customize banners)

Replace the [[adtags]] or [[ad]] connection in your signature template to [[abm]] to connect to your ABM dashboard. On the ABM dashboard you can assign banners based on departments and recipients.

  • Department specific banners
  • Easy to view dashboard
  • More...

One Powerful Signature with Many Possibilities!

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