Graph Explorer - Azure AD Data Not Syncing Properly

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OnPrem/Hybrid - ExSBR


You initiate a data synchronization from Azure AD and observe that the synchronization is successful for certain users but not all. Alternatively, you might encounter instances where the data is not syncing correctly due to various issues. In such cases, the initial course of action is to delve into troubleshooting and gather comprehensive information associated with the problem at hand. Establishing a graph connection will allow us to gain insights into the underlying reasons behind attributes failing to synchronize accurately.


  1. ExSBR runs on Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. All service packs and rollup units are supported.
  2. Exchange 2007 requires SP1 or higher.
  3. Exchange 2013 SP1 requires an Exchange hot-fix, that has been included in all newer service packs and rollup unit releases.

How to use Graph Explorer:

  1. Go to Graph Explorer:
  2. Change the drop-down from v1.0 to beta  next to the URL
    1. Once you have authorized the graph connection, you will run this link within Graph Explorer
  3. With the information that is returned, we can evaluate the results of why the extensions/data syncs are breaking.
For, input the corresponding information followed by your domain. It is important you update this with your information to be successful.

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