Enabling Email Engagement Tracking and Notifications

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

Opensense Engagement tier opens a range of analytics and email insight. Follow these steps to enable tracking and adjust your notification preferences.

Activation by an Opensense administrator is required before the My Opensense menu will be available. Inquire at help@opensense.com.

Step 1: Enable Tracking

  1. Login to your Opensense account
  2. Once logged in, head into the My Opensense drop down and click on My Settings
  1. In the General tab, ensure tracking is enabled above the User Settings menu on the left (if the button shows “Disable Tracking” then tracking is already enabled)
It is recommended to leave all other options in the “General” and “Routing” tabs unchanged

Step 2: Enable Notifications

  1. If users want to, they can enable desktop, mobile, or email notifications for engagement activity
  2. To do so, head into the “Notifications” tab
  3. Users can then enable different types of notifications they would like for each type of activity

Step 3: Using Engagement

  1. Once tracking is enabled, users can simply send emails like normal. Engagement activities, such as email opens, are automatically tracked.
  2. If users add any attachments or video links, they will automatically be tracked as well.
  3. Engagement activity can be tracked in the Smart Activity feed within the My Opensense drop down menu.

Please reference Understanding Engagement Analytics for more details on activity tracking.

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