Editing your Signature Block Data

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

The signature block is made up of fields that populate a signature template. This allows flexibility. Change the field data to change the transformed signature!

Fields must be unlocked in order to have the below capabilities. If you try to edit your signature and it does not change, please contact your company's Opensense admin to request that the fields be unlocked.

One Time Edit

If your fields are unlocked, you can easily edit your signature from the compose window. Simply change the data in the fields to change your transformed signature.

In this example, the user doesn't want to send her mobile number on a certain external email. She deletes the mobile data in the compose window.

Permanent Edit

To permanently change your field data, edit the signature and save it on all devices from which you email. Outlook, Gmail, mobile apps, etc.

Learn how to save your Office 365 [[#]] signature block on most devices

Learn how to save your G-Suite [[+]] signature block on most devices

Sending More Than One Signature

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