MySig for G-Suite

Updated 2 years ago by Tori Scharadin

MySig is a custom website created for our customers to easily share their signature. You will be given your MySig link during onboarding. The signature block will only transform when sent from an email address registered with the company's domain.

This link can be included in New Employee Onboarding information, or keep it handy to send to new employees. It is an easy way to get a new user setup with Opensense!

Where do the field choices come from on MySig? MySig displays the non-hidden fields in the signature template assigned to allusers.

Customizing your MySig Page

MySig can be customized with your company logo, favicon, and a note at the top. The note can include instructions on creating the signature. For example, letting users know which fields are optional, or instructions on formatting. Please email to customize your MySig page.

Need help? Please see our Signature Block Help Guide

Simple Setups

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