Converting to Liquid Templates (Pre-2022 Legacy)

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Converting to Liquid Templates

If your signature templates were built with Opensense tags and clauses, you have the option to switch to Liquid Templates, a templating engine used by which provides greater signature conditional capabilities. Most customers will not feel a compelling need to switch, but if you have advanced conditional requirements for your employee email signatures, or if you feel more familiar with Liquid Templates syntax, a switch might be right for your account!

Contact to make the change.

Pre-2022 templates were built using our legacy HTML syntax. This article is for you if your tags are in $tag; format.

Prior to 2022, Opensense signature templates were designed in HTML with unique Opensense tags and conditional clauses. In 2022, we switched to HTML with liquid syntax.

Liquid is an open source template language that adds on to HTML with tags and outputs:

  • Tags. A tag includes a tag name and optional arguments wrapped between {% and %}.
  • Outputs. An output includes a value and optional filters wrapped between {{` and `}}.

More information on Liquid syntax can be found here.

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