Delay in AD to Azure (Entra) AD
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Delay in AD to Azure (Entra) AD

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Article summary


While the Opensense auto-sync functionality from the Azure Active Directory occurs twice a day, there is a delay in the sync that occurs between the Active Directory and the Azure Active Directory. This is dependent on how often your AD Connect tool is set to sync to your Azure AD instance.

Things to note
  • The speed at which this can happen is dependent on the size of your organization (i.e larger organizations take longer to sync)
  • Microsoft has recently made a change renaming Azure to Entra ID. Where Azure is mentioned in this article, it can be interchangeable with Entra ID.
  • Active Directory -> On-premises located within a Windows Server
  • Azure Active Directory -> Cloud-based active directory


If you make a change in the Active Directory and want to see it reflect faster in Azure AD, navigate to your AD Connect tool and complete a force sync to the cloud. If you don't perform a manual-sync after the changes are made, we typically see updates take 24-72 hours to reflect in the Opensense portal.

How to Perform Manual Sync in Opensense Portal

  1. Go to your Signatures dropdown and choose Users & Compliance

  1. On the left side of the page, look for the Sync Tools option. Click the blue + to drop down the menu

  1. Depending on the configuration, you may see different choices displayed. Sync all choices under Office 365 (Azure) Directory Sync to fully update your user data in Opensense
We recommend syncing Groups and then Users!

  1. The sync can take some time to complete depending on the amount of users. Please wait until the sync is completed before refreshing the page
  2. Once the sync is complete, refresh your browser
  3. The new data will now display in User's & Compliance
If you attempt a forced sync and it times out or you receive an error, it could be because the system is in the middle of running an Automatic Sync (reach out to the Help Desk if you are unsure your account is set up to Automatic Sync). Wait 30 minutes and refresh your browser to see if the sync history updates.

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