Exporting a Pusher CSV from Compliance
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Exporting a Pusher CSV from Compliance

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In order to use directory data to push the Opensense signature out to employees in bulk, you will need to use a CSV that is in the correct format. Employee data can be exported out of the Opensense Compliance page.

Field mappings must be in place for a directory sync to function. Please speak with your Opensense rep or contact the Help Desk about linking your directory
  1. Login to the Opensense platform.
  2. Click on the Signature drop-down and choose the Compliance tab.
  3. Ensure employee profile fields in compliance are the fields you want to have in your signature design (name, title, phone, etc.) and data is accurate. You can easily spot-check key employee information by searching for their email address
    Missing data should be updated in your directory rather than in Opensense so you are maintaining one source of truth.
  4. With the search bar zeroed out, click "Export XX" to download a CSV of all users and their information
  5. Open the CSV and immediately highlight all columns from column B up to the column with the "Hubspot" header
  6. This CSV can now be used in the Pusher section to perform a bulk signature push (more on that here). If you only want to push to a select group, delete entire rows in the spreadsheet that contain users who are not going to be included in the push.

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