Conditional Fields (Pre-2022 Legacy)

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

Pre-2022 templates were built using our legacy HTML syntax. This article is for you if your tags are in $tag; format.

Make a field optional if some employees use it and some do not. It will display for employees who use it, and will be automatically removed from the signature for employees who do not.

{if_field} $field; {/if_field}

Tip: you can wrap the if statements around any signature elements to make them appear only if that field is used.

If conditional fields share the same line:

HTML code view

Signature preview with logic

How it shows up to the recipient (if either field is removed, the separator line is removed too!):

If conditional field is on it's own line:

HTML code view

Signature preview with logic

Need "not if" logic? We have that too!
Wrap with {nif_field} Alternative Text {/nif_field} instead. for example: {nif_phone} 1-800-MAINLINE {/nif_phone}

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