Adding Additional Domains

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Signatures can only be sent from a domain that has been registered for service. The good news is that setting up a new domain within the same email tenant is simple! On our end it will require registering the new domain and transferring over templates. On your end it will require adding in two DNS entries.

If not covered under your service plan, there is an annual fee for additional domains.

Let's get started!

Setup on the Customer's End

Before we can activate this domain to send Opensense signatures, we will need to add in the following two DNS entries to external as well as internal DNS (if you have). This is typically managed by IT.
DNS Entries

For "":


SPF TXT (Modification to existing DNS entry) *The underscore is IMPORTANT! **This include statement needs to be added to your existing SPF TXT record

Setup on Our End

After the DNS entries are added, please email with the name of the new domain and the answers to the following questions:

1) Mail Flow Rules Setup

If the new domain is in the same tenant as your current Opensense domain, we do not need to modify any mail flow rules. If not, then we will need to add in the same rules we set up previously for your main domain. Check internally with an IT administrator to confirm whether the new domain is on the same tenant. Are the new domains in the same tenant as the current domain(s)?

2) Account / Domain Setup in Opensense

At Opensense, each domain is managed in its own account. Does the person managing this new account have a domain email address? If so, they can login using Single Sign-On. If they do not have a matching email, we will need to link the new account to their domain account. Who will need access to this new account? Please send us the email addresses of those that will need to manage this account. We will enable multi-domain management per user.

3) Signature Design

After the account is created, we will begin to transfer over signature templates from the main account. Will this account have the same signature template as the main account? Please send creative assets if needed.

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