Setting up Pardot Opensense Side

Updated 2 years ago by Tori Scharadin

Set up Opensense connector:

  1. Information needed from Pardot admin account (see screenshot):
  • Username
  • Password
  • API User Key

  1.  Log into Go to Connectors under Marketing dropdown
  2. For Parameters (see screenshot), input the admin’s email address, password, and API User Key
  3. The Default Text is where you can put a placeholder banner for all non-targeted recipients, and is not required
  4. Once configuration looks like the above screenshot, click the

Testing Pardot<>Opensense Communication:

  1. In an existing Pardot contact profile (hint: you can use yours), click
  2. Scroll down and click
  3. Type in ‘banner_name’ in sgenads and sgentags fields.
  4. Provide your Opensense representative (or with the email address of the Pardot contact who has banner_name in one of their Custom Opensense fields. We will confirm the connection is working properly!

Adding connector to signature

  1. Navigate to the Connectors section in Opensense
  2. Copy the Pardot connector name by clicking
  3. Navigate to Designer Studio in the Signatures dropdown menu
  4. Click
  5. Click

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