How to Upload Images to Opensense

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

Opensense has an image repository built for all signature design assets. Using Opensense image bucket images in your signature designs prevents the impact 3rd party images have on your email spam score. 

We recommend uploading images at 2x the image size in the HTML. For example, if the image width in the HTML is "120", upload your image into Images (Marketing drop down > Images) with a width of 240px for recommended retina resolution.

Add an Image

  1. Once logged into Opensense, head to the image bucket by clicking on “Images” in the “Marketing” drop down menu

  1. Once in the Image bucket, click on the green “+ Add New Image” button on the top left

  1. In the new box that appears, click the purple “Upload Image” button

  1. Upload your image. You have the option to make images inline. Need help deciding, check out our article: In-Line vs. Hosted Images.
We recommend inline images for O365 customers.

  1. Once uploaded, Click the green Save button

  1. The image will now appear in your image bucket

  1. You can now click on the Copy to Clipboard button

Bulk Upload Images

  1. To upload multiple images at once, click on the Select Files button in the Bulk Upload section on the left

  1. Once you select the images and upload them, click Reload Images to see them in the image bucket

You can now click on the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the image URL of any image for use in Signature Design Templates in Designer Studio

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