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We have a shared inbox,, and many companies have one too. Setting up Sarah and Michael to send a unique signature through the shared email address is no problem with Opensense.

Stamping customer? Please see Shared Inboxes for Stamping Customers

Step 1: Remove Compliance data

Opensense uses a data priority system to fill in the signature templates. With a shared email address, we want the field data to populate based off of the user's signature block, so all competing data must be a lower priority. This means all fields must be unlocked and the sync must be broken for these fields.

  1. Go to Compliance (Signature drop down > Compliance)
  2. Search for the shared email address
  3. Click Edit UserDelete the dataUnlock all fields AND break the sync.
It is okay if the fields show an asterisk (*) with the old data. The * shows the data in the signature block on the last sent email.

Step 2: Creating Unique Signature Blocks

Now that the data in Opensense has been cleared, the data will only pull from the signature block on the email. If you already have a custom signature block, copy and paste this into the Signature Settings of the shared inbox. If employees need to create a new signature block, they can do so using your MySig tool.

  1. Go to MySig and enter your details
  1. Copypaste and save the signature block into the Signature Settings of the shared email address.
  2. Users can select their signature block from the signature selector. The fields will populate with the data in the signature block.

Sending More than One Signature

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