Sending More than One Signature
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Sending More than One Signature

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Article summary

The signature block is made up of fields that populate a signature template. This allows flexibility. Changing the field data changes the transformed signature!

Save multiple Opensense signature blocks with different field data

  • Allows user to send relevant information to recipients
  • Allows more than one user to share an inbox
If you're attempting this and find that your signature isn't updating, it's likely because the fields you're editing are locked by your company's signature administrator. Kindly ask them to unlock your fields to enable this option.

Changing the template from the signature block

Opensense offers extensive customization options. This feature enables users to apply a signature design template while composing an email. It's an advanced functionality that can be valuable for certain users.

Add the signature template name at the bottom of the signature block token to call upon that signature template. For Gmail: [[+signaturename]]. For Outlook: [[#signaturename]]

Example of one user sending multiple brand signatures:

1. Setup the signature templates for the multiple brands in Designer Studio

2. Save the custom signature template in the user's Signature Settings. This will now be an option from the Compose window.

Stamping customer? Use this feature to remove your stamped signature from certain emails. Learn more.

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