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Opensense banners fill the white space beneath your email signature.  Whenever an email containing a banner graphic is delivered or viewed, those campaign data are tallied in the Opensense Banners section. Additionally collected are any clicks and the unique email address behind the click, and additional metadata such as device and platform of views and clicks, and a geographical heatmap of campaign views.

Accessing Banner Analytics 

  1. Go to your Marketing dropdown and choose Banners:

  1. Find your banner by searching for it in the search box:

About your Analytics

  • Total Delivered: The total # of emails with this banner that have been delivered. This will be more than the "Recipients" number because often we email the same person more than once.
  • Advanced Views: The # of times this banner has been viewed by external recipients. To add internal recipients to the count, check "Count Internal"
  • Advanced Clicks: The total # of external recipients that have clicked on the banner and its CTR (click-through rate). To add internal recipients to the count, check "Count Internal"
  • Basic Views and Basic Clicks: These metrics are disabled by default on most accounts.
  • Live # days: The number of days the banner has been on a signature
  • # Recipients: The total number of unique recipients
Additional Analytics

To view additional analytics, click on the purple Show Report button and scroll down: 

This is what you will see:

Platforms/applications used to click/view your emails with the banner, and recipient emails click list

  • View on the map where these clicks were located.
  • Click on the Show Clicks button to see the list of email recipients who have clicked on your banner.
  • Click on the Clicks to CSV button to export this list into a CSV for you to save. CSV contains sender and recipient along with additional metadata
Export Campaign Data for Ads
  1. In the banners section, navigate to the Reporting section on the left side of the webpage
  2. Click EXPORT {#} ADS
  3. Narrow down to export only certain banners by searching for a specific banner tag or campaign

Data can be pushed to an external attribution reporting system by adding utm parameters into analytics codes section.

If you already are using a url builder, you can just copy and paste the complete url into the banner url entry
  1. In the banner you would like to update, click
  2. In the “Analytics Codes” section, click
  3. Name and Value are the arguments/tags that correspond to external attribution report

Important note: Analytics Codes treats UTM parameters the same as including parameters directly into the URL. Including utm parameters in both URL and analytics codes section will capture data twice.

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