What is the Opensense Signature Block?

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

One token on top and another on bottom. [[#]] for O365 users and [[+]] for G-Suite. Inside these tokens are fields. Click send on an email, and these fields populate a signature template which is saved on your Opensense account.

A beautiful signature is delivered!

Save your Signature Block Everywhere

Any application that routes email through your corporate mail server will transform the signature block. Save it on Outlook, Gmail, Mac Mail, Hubspot, mobile phone apps... the list is endless.

Copy. Paste. Save. Use.

Learn how to save your Office 365 [[#]] signature block on most devices

Learn how to save your G-Suite [[+]] signature block on most devices

If the signature block does not transform, this application is not routing through your corporate mail server. Contact help@opensense.com for assistance.

Need help? Please see our Signature Block Help Guide

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