Field Data Priority

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Which data is populating your signature template? It is important to be aware of field data priority and how it appears on the transformed signature.

First the data will pull from locked fields in Compliance, next the signature block and finally unlocked fields in Compliance.
Although three priorities are presented, many accounts use the Signature Block only. Have department fields? See how department fields affect data priority.

Field Data Priority Order

  1. Locked fields in Compliance
  1. Signature Block as visible in the email compose screen or saved in email settings
  1. Unlocked fields in Compliance


Here is Jane's signature block and her Opensense Compliance profile:

Which data will populate her signature? (This account is not using department fields)
  • Name will pull from her signature block, priority 2, because it is unlocked in Compliance.
  • Title will pull from Compliance, priority 1, because it is locked.
  • Email will pull from Compliance, priority 3, because it is blank in her signature block.

Field Priority with Department Fields

Locking and Unlocking Contact Fields

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