Hidden Fields (Pre-2022 Legacy)
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Hidden Fields (Pre-2022 Legacy)

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Article summary

Pre-2022 templates were built using our legacy HTML syntax. This article is for you if your tags are in $tag; format

Hidden fields do not appear in the signature block or in MySig. Hidden field data is synced or uploaded into Opensense.

Uses for Hidden Fields

  • Shortened signature block
  • Image links, such as headshots
  • URL links, such as meeting links
  • Badges and awards


In Designer Studio, locate Settings & Fields. Check the Hide box next to the field that you would like to hide.

Hidden fields should always be setup as conditional fields. At least one field must be "unhidden", most commonly name.

Designer Studio

Signature Block and Compliance

In this example, the customer is using hidden fields to create a shortened signature block. The hidden data is being pulled from Compliance

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