Forced Sync from a Directory
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Forced Sync from a Directory

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Article Summary

Field mappings must be in place for a directory sync to function. Please speak with your Opensense rep or contact the Help Desk about linking your directory
  1. Go to the Signatures drop down menu, and click on "Compliance"
  2. On the left side of the screen, look for the "Sync Tools" option, and click on it
  3. Depending on your setup, different choices will display. Sync all choices to fully update Opensense. We recommend syncing "Groups" first, then syncing "Users"

    Syncs take time! Please wait untl the sync is complete before continuing on to the next step.
  4. When the sync has finished running, refresh your browser
  5. New data will now display in Compliance!
If you attempt a forced sync and it times out, or you receive an error, it could be because the system is in the middle of an Automatic Sync (reach out to the Help Desk if you are unsure if your account is set-up with Automatic Syncing). Wait 30-minutes and refresh your browser to see if the sync history updates

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