Getting Started with your Email Signature Marketing Strategy - ABM Edition
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Getting Started with your Email Signature Marketing Strategy - ABM Edition

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Article summary


Opensense offers the capability to access and utilize your existing contact records, enabling targeted and personalized campaign outreach. This article serves as an introductory guide to formulating an effective email signature marketing strategy using Opensense. For those experienced with other ABM channels, you might notice the methodology outlined here mirrors practices you're already familiar with.

  1. Take a look at our Banner best practices deck  for inspiration
  2. Things to consider when deciding on your ABM campaign
    • Is there an Inbound or Outbound email motion already happening that you can help drive more engagement on?
    • Which departments or employees will have the most reach on this campaign?
    • How many banners should you included so there's a decent amount of rotation?
  3. Think about segmentation
    • By persona (e.g., Job title, Region)
    • By lifecycle stage
    • Exclusive, List-Based Event marketing
  4. Create one or two banners with click-through links to start collecting engagement data
    We recommend -
    • Ensuring your banners are the same width as your signature
    • If you are unsure which image dimensions to use for your banner, we suggest sizes of 580x150 and a file size below 150 KB
  5. Once finished with steps 1-3, you are ready to set up your Marketing Integration! See our Integrations Help Docs for set up instructions. You will also need to contact your Opensense rep for training. If you're not sure who that is, or need more information, contact us at

Additional resources

Hubspot Targeting Playbook: Opensense + HubSpot Marketing Automation Playbook

Marketo Targeting Playbook: Opensense + Marketo Marketing Automation Playbook

Pardot and Eloqua Targeting Playbooks are coming soon! If you are familiar with Hubspot or Marketo, you will find the capabilities in Pardot are identical to those found in the two playbooks linked above.

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