Removing Users
  • 14 Jan 2024
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Removing Users

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Article summary

Removing users is an optional feature to visually clean up the Compliance page. Users cannot be deleted from Compliance, but removing them will remove their profle from the default view.

Removing Users

  1. Go to the Signatures drop down menu, and click on "Compliance"
  2. On the left side of the screen, use the Search Box to search for Users by their email address
  3. When the User is located, click the "Mark Removed" button
  4. The user is now removed. Confirmation can be seen at the top of the profile

Filter by Removed or Remove Hidden Users

  1. The deafult view hides removed users. To show removed users, click "Remove Hidden" 
  2. "Removed" shows removed users. Click "Removed" to toggle to the next view
  3. "Removed or Unremoved" shows all profiles

"Un-Remove" a User

  1. To "un-remove" a user, toggle on the "Removed" view
  2. Search for the user by email
  3. Click "Un-Remove User" on their profile

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