Setting up Opensense in Zapier

Updated 3 months ago by Bobby Narang

Setting up Zapier to push Opensense Activity.

  1. Find the Opensense app to set up your trigger in Zapier
  2. Create a new Zap
  3. To setup the Opensense Triggers:
    1. Select Trigger Event
      1. Banner Click: Triggers when a recipient clicks a banner
      2. Attachment Download: Triggers when recipient downloads attachment
      3. New Recipient: Triggers when a new recipient is identified
    2. In the next step, Connect to your Opensense account by clicking Connect New Account
    3. Enter your domain and API key. An Opensense integration specialist can provide your API key. If unsure, ask your Customer Success Manager or email
    4. Set up your Trigger (leave blank by default)
    1. (Optional) Days: Enables trigger retroactively on data produced x number of days prior (enter 5 to start triggers on 5 day old data)
    2. (Optional) Banner: Enables trigger for specified banner. Enter string of banner name. ([[ad:new_banner]] --> Enter new_banner)
  4. Test your Trigger
    1. Sender: Sender of email
    2. Recipient: Recipient of email
    3. Timestamp: Date/Time of engagement
    4. Adname: name of Opensense Ad served to recipient
    5. URL: URL of Ad Click
  5. That's it! You're now ready trigger Actions with Zapier!

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