Signature Block Help Guide

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

Q: I don't have the signature. How do I get it?
Please contact the signature administrator at your company. They will email you your signature block, or a MySig link to create your own.
Q: I sent an email with my signature block, but when I look in Sent Mail it didn't transform.
Opensense signatures will appear "un-transformed" in your Sent Mail folder. This is expected behavior. Send an email to a personal email address and you will see the transformation.
Q: The fields in my signature block don't match the text on my transformed signature. For example, I have phone: 123.456.7890 in my signature block, but the phone number appears 123-456-7890 in my transformed signature.
Field data enters your signature according to field data priority. If you see a different field text in your transformed signature, it is because that text is locked in either Compliance or Departments. Please ask your admin to fix the error, or unlock the field.

Q: A co-worker is sending a completely different signature. The formatting does not match the signature template.
If the formatting of the signature does not match the signature template, this user is not using Opensense. Make sure they have their Opensense signature block saved in their email signature settings on all devices from which they send emails, including mobile phones. To learn how to save your signature block on most devices see our Office 365 and G-Suite guides.

Q: I have the signature block saved in Signature Settings, but it does not appear on my emails.
Make sure that you have checked the boxes in Signature Settings to apply the signature to “New messages” and “Replies/forwards”. To learn how to save your signature block on most devices see our Office 365 and G-Suite guides.

Q: I am a Gmail user and was told that my signature block had been automatically pushed out to me. I don't see it.
Please refresh your browser. Push to Google requires you to refresh your browser before the signature block will appear in your compose screen and on your emails.

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