Field Data Priority with Department Fields

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Department fields add in two additional field priorities. The main reason to use department fields is to add in default field data across a department. With 5 levels of data available, it is recommended to pick only 2-3 data levels when setting up your account.

With Department fields, first the data will pull from locked Department fields, next locked fields in Compliance, the signature block, unlocked Department fields and finally unlocked fields in Compliance.

Field Data Priority Order

  1. Locked Department fields
  1. Locked fields in Compliance
  1. Signature Block as visible in the email compose screen or saved in email settings
  1. Unlocked Department fields
  1. Unlocked fields in Compliance

Department field data should be added in locked. The only exception is if you would like to add in a department-wide default, but you would like to give users the option to override this default with personal data.

Example of setting up default data with unlocked department fields

In the example above, the "allusers_with_dep_fields" department has been setup with a default fax number. The purpose was to show the default fax number for all users, except those with a personal fax number locked in Compliance or saved their signature block. If a user has "fax: 555.555.5555" saved in their signature block or locked in Compliance, this personal fax number will show. If no data is saved for fax, the default unlocked department field "fax" will show.

Field Data Priority

Department Fields

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