How to Preview or Test an Opensense Signature

Updated 10 months ago by Tori Scharadin

Preview a signature template render in your Opensense account

Sending an email in the live environment is not always necessary. If you want to confirm signature configurations are working as expected (example, the P: before the phone number should only display if a phone value is present for an employee), you can quickly use one of these options in the UI without having to test in the live email environment.

Renders in your Opensense account are previews only. If you need to identify specific behavior in, say, Outlook for Desktop, your best bet is to send a test email using one of the methods in the next section.

Preview a signature template in your designer Studio section (easiest) 

In the user’s profile (best for trying different employee data to confirm signature configurations are working as expected)

Test an email signature template render in the live email environment

These testing options can use to replicate behavior for problems/issues reported to, or to confirm a new design is rendering as expected in different email applications.

Create a test department for yourself

Select the new template using your plain text signature

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