Hubspot Integration

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

Real time campaign personalization in the space underneath your outbound email signature, from within Hubspot workflows. 

Example 1: Personalized banners for events that go out to only senior management roles or higher. 

Example 2: Event registrants receive a thank-you banner, with relevant event information such as speaker spotlights on random rotation

Activating the Hubspot integration (Hubspot Admin Privilege Required)

  1. Go to Admin dropdown menu -> Domain Settings.  Then click Marketing.
  2. Click the Green “Connect to Hubspot” button. If the Hubspot Frictionless Landing Pages is not toggled to the ON position, you can request this setting by emailing
  3. Hubspot will ask to grant access for Opensense to access Hubspot API.

  1. When API access is granted successfully, you will see the following splash screen.  Please note that Opensense recently rebranded from SenderGen.  Pardon our appearance!

Adding Opensense Custom Properties in Hubspot

  1. In Hubspot, click the Settings button (Gear icon.)

  2. Click Properties.  Then click Create a Property.

  1. Create the following 2 properties:

    sgenads - Use workflow to update this value on contact to the name of the banner you’d like to display to this contact. 

    sgentags- Use workflow to update value on contact to banner tag value associated with multiple banners.  Contact will see any banner that is “tagged’ with the same value as sgentags value.

  2. When these steps are completed, contact your Opensense Representative for testing and training. 

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