Syncing Extension Attributes from Azure AD

Updated 2 years ago by Laura Goepel

In order to properly sync in extension attributes from Azure AD, we need the attribute name along with the Azure tenant ID. This document should be sent to a Microsoft Administrator. Please note that we are limited in our assistance here because finding attribute information is dependent on your Azure AD environment.

Locate attribute name and tenant ID

  1. Go to Azure AD Graph Explorer

  2. Enter{{}}/users/{{}}

    Note: user choice is arbitrary
  3. Log in before pressing “GO”

  1. Copy results into a text file or directly into an email (data dump will look similar to screenshot below)
  1. Send to Opensense representative

If extension attributes cannot be located in Azure AD environment, they need to be added in with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect tool. See how to connect sync feature directory extensions

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