How to Change Images and Links

Updated 2 days ago by Tori Scharadin

Logo change? New Facebook page? If you want to replace an image or link on your signature, follow these steps. These instructions will not change the formatting of the signature. They are simply for image and link replacement.

Images need to be uploaded to image bucket before adding to the signature designs (our image bucket ensures maximum deliverability). Here's How to Upload Images to Opensense.

Note on Image Size

We recommend uploading images at 2x the image size in the HTML. For example, if the image width in the HTML is "120", upload your image into Images (Marketing drop down > Images) with a width of 240px for recommended retina resolution.

Image Replacement

  1. Go to the Marketing dropdown and choose Images

  1. Find the image (or upload it) that you would like to use, copy the image link, or click the Copy to Clipboard button.

  1. Go to your Signatures drop down menu and choose Designer Studio.

  1. In the Designer Studio, search for your signature template.
  2. Click Edit.

  1. The HTML Template box will now be present. Search for the URL of the image that you would like to replace. (CTRL+F "src").

  1. Highlight the URL that represents the image that you would like to change. (*Note: be sure to only highlight the text in between the quotation marks).
  2. Paste the URL that has been copied to your clipboard (from step #2) over the highlighted URL that you would like to change in your HTML Template box.
  3. Click the signature Preview button.

  1. If necessary, adjust the image height so that the image is proportional.

  1. Click the Preview button!
  2. When satisfied with the image replacement, click Save.

  1. In the HTML editor, you can find the link next to the href attribute (screenshot below). CTRL + F to search for href.
  2. Highlight the link you want to replace, then copy and paste in the desired URL.
  3. When completed, click Save.

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